What is Nem

Nem is a gallivanting adventure across Vietnam's culinary landscape. We bring you a world of textures, flavors, and aromas that immediately transport you to the bright bustling streets of our motherland. Come to one of our events, and you'll be greeted with the most wonderful mix of new friends - we're consistently blessed with amazing company! Your stories, laughter, questions, and enjoyment are the reasons why we love our work. 

You can experience Nem by joining us for our next pop up restaurant night. Check our home page for more details.



food designer

Vinh stumbled upon his love for cooking thanks to two unlikely sources. One: cutting his teeth as a line cook at chef Ming Tsai's Blue Dragon gastropub in Boston's Innovation District. Two: from the tender age of seven, chopping up pig feed on his grandparents' ranch in northern Vietnam. Grandma also happens to be a master creator of silken tofu and fresh vermicelli. These influences led to the creation of Nem in 2014.

Vinh is a co-owner of and the creative mind behind Ha Noi’s semi-underground restaurant Monsoon: He is also a Columbia University trained and practicing urban design architect.


duong huynh


Duong is Vinh's toughest culinary critic and reliable partner in crime. She does everything non-glamorous necessary to make Nem experiences come alive. Duong claims she makes a baller Ethiopian berbere spice mix and niter kibbeh. 

When not doing the dishes at Nem events, Duong chases per passion of real estate development.